Saturday, April 30, 2011

On This Day In Canadian History....

1971 - Hydro Quebec outlines plans to build $6 billion hydro-electric power project in James Bay region; largest such development ever undertaken in the western hemisphere.

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critic said...

Good morning Mr. Red, pharmerphil, Sarah, Angel, Betty Anne, Pnnknn, Pitchingin, Typhoon,, J.P. Connie, DeVil, tulip, Melmuff, Mr. E., sweetdreams, reggae and everyone.

critic said...

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pharmerphil said...

Good morning folks. Would like to pass on that the Dundas County Players are putting on Barefoot in the Park today, tomorrow and next weekend. We were at opening night last night and it was hilarious and very well done. So hitch up your wagons and come out to BFN and catch the show. Cut and paste this link for more info about the show:

Oh yes and thanks for the codes Critic!

Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Sarah, Pnnknn, Critic, Phil, Mr. E., J.P., Pitchingin, Sweetdreams, Connie, Typhoon, Betty Anne, and all :-)

A very special Thank You to Critic for all the bonus code hunting you do. Thanks Dude :)

critic said...

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Your welcome guys.

Betty Anne said...

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critic said...

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pharmerphil said...

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pharmerphil said...

@Critic- decided to give you a break and plug a code on your behalf

critic said...

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Thanks for the break pharmerphil!