Sunday, April 24, 2011

On This Day In Canadian History....

1985 - Supreme Court of Canada ruling allows Sunday shopping in most provinces.


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critic said...

Good morning Mr. Red, pharmerphil, Sarah, Angel, Betty Anne, Pnnknn, Pitchingin, Typhoon,, J.P. Connie, DeVil, tulip, Melmuff, Mr. E., sweetdreams, reggae and everyone.

critic said...

3am Katy Perry 'Pair-A-Day' song: ET

critic said...

5am Katy Perry 'Pair-A-Day' song: ET

critic said...

9am Katy Perry 'Pair-A-Day' song: ET

pharmerphil said...

Happy Easter folks.

PitchingIn said...

A little conspiracy with A1.

It's Easter Sunday!

He has Risen!
He has Risen!
He has Risen!
Jesus is Alive!

He has defeated death, demons, disease, fear, poverty, sickness and Hell, Hallelujah!!!

Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Yeshua Hamashiach, Thank You Messiah Jesus!
Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings!
Glory be to God forevermore!
Praise be to God forevermore!

-> Medical, scientific confirmation of a man, Jeff Markin, raised from the dead, Sept 20th, 2006!
Hallelujah, another Soul saved from Hell! Thank You Father!

1. Testimony of a Jew converted to Messiah Jesus:

2. Testimony of a Hindu converted to Messiah Jesus:

3. Testimony of a Muslim and former terrorist converted to Messiah Jesus:

Notice the common denominator? Notice the joy they all exude? It's no coincidence you know!

PitchingIn said...


Throughout the world there are milions of men and women, young and old, learned and ignorant, poor and rich, who believe in God. Why? They have never seen God. No instrument, no radar has grasped Him, no spaceship has ever detected His Presence in the stratosphere, as one Russian astronaut has said... So, then, why believe in God? By what right can we say that God exists? We can state this because one day this God, whom no man has seen or can see, erupted into the world and made Himself visible and tangible in His Son, Jesus of Nazareth. He became flesh without ceasing to be a Mystery. Without denying His Divinity, the Son of God became man, like us in everything but sin. That happened 2000 years ago.

Before He came, God spoke to human beings. He spoke in history to say who He is, and that too is a great event. In Christ, God was not content to speak while remaining invisible and distant, but He came close to us. He spoke to us directly. He told us His real name: LOVE. He taught only one doctrine: love God, and love one another as I have loved you. This all began at Christmas, 2000 years ago, in Palestine. Jesus Christ is a historical fact, not a myth. Only a God WHO IS LOVE could do such a thing! This is the fact that calls human beings forth and makes them situate themselves in fact of The God revealed in Jesus Christ. From this birth to the end of time, this question will resound: "Who do you say that I am?" Once the question is asked, it can no longer be avoided. It must be answered, and we all do answer it, believers and unbelievers, not always in words, but by our very lives.
Those who pretend to ignore it and live as though Christ had not come, take a position on the question, as well as those who recognize and attempt to take it into account in their daily lives.

... Jesus himself said: "I AM The Way." This Way, we either take, or we don't. "I AM The Truth that enlightens everyone who comes into this world." This Truth, we either accept, or we don't, whether we try to conform to it or not. "I AM The Life." This Life, we can either accept or refuse. Jesus tells us that the one who sent Him IS LOVE. This LOVE, like all love, we accept or refuse. That is how human beings today, like those of yesterday or tomorrow, respond, whether we like it or not, to the question that God is asking us: "Who do you say that I am?"


New International Version (©1984)
"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

New International Version (©1984)
Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:29 Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Rest! And Great Refreshing of your Souls! Nothing feels better in the whole wide world! Nothing!

Accept The Invitation!

Accept Jesus into your heart, into your life!

critic said...

2pm Katy Perry 'Pair-A-Day' song: ET

critic said...

6pm Katy Perry 'Pair-A-Day' song: ET

Anonymous said...

Is that you, AppreciativeOne?

sweetdreams said...

Hi everybody!! Happy Easter!! On Y101, there is a new event: Papa Jack Popcorn (100 Points)...