Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1891 - Ahearn & Soper start operating their Ottawa Street Railway Company with four electric tram cars; first street car service in Ottawa; origin of OC Transpo.

Poll results for "Besides KiSS, What Radio Stations Do You Listen To On A Regular Basis ? (Multiple Answers Allowed)", based on 76 responses....

37 votes(48%)......CHEZ106
28 votes(36%)......HOT89.9
21 votes(27%)......Y101
20 votes(26%)......Majic100
16 votes(21%)......Oldies1310
15 votes(19%)......101.9 DAWG Fm
15 votes(19%)......Virgin Radio106.9
11 votes(14%)......LiVE88.5
10 votes(13%)......BOB FM 93.9
09 votes(11%)......CBC Radio1 91.5
08 votes(10%)......The Jewel 98.5
07 votes(09%)......580 CFRA
07 votes(09%)......TEAM1200
07 votes(09%)......eZ ROCK 99.7
06 votes(07%)......Gatineau French Radio Stations
06 votes(07%)......Sirius/Xm Satellite Radio
05 votes(06%)......JACK fm 92.3
03 votes(03%)......Other Local/Regional Radio Stations
02 votes(02%)......Chri 99.1 family radio
02 votes(02%)......Internet Radio (Non-Local)
01 votes(01%)......CKCU 93.1 (Carleton U)
00 votes(00%)......CHUO 89.1 (Ottawa U)
00 votes(00%)......CBC Radio2 103.3

ViP Song:
8:00am: Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug
Noon: Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
4:00pm: Jason Derulo - In My Head
8:00pm: Eminem F/Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

Listen To Kiss Fm & Get 250 Points Each Day

Word of the Day: Arrow
Community of the Day: Carleton Place

Oldies 1310
5 @ 5: Goodbye
Secret Word: Stand
Solid Gold Trivia: Rocky
Back In The Day Trivia: The Beaver (now known as Canada's History)
Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double: Burton Cummings

Listen To Oldies1310 & Get 100 Points Each Day

101.9 DAWG Fm
Ottawa Sun Secret Password: Performance


sweetdreams said...

Hi everybody, I just would like Connie to know that I won tickets to Carrie Underwood on the winning weekend, but that was with Y101. Five people had won tickets to the show. I did not purchase any extra tickets from the Draws Section... With Kiss Fm, I also won tickets to see Britney Spears. But I had purchased 70 tickets at 1,000 points each, and I went on location at KIA automobile to get a Bonus Code. So you never know...

Mr. E. said...

@ sweetdreams

Only KISS has "winning weekends" (to my knowledge) but congrats on getting the Y101 Carrie tickets ... sweet!

As for your Britney Spears win, congrats again. You should know how you won it (i.e., whether from the on-location draw or the regular draw). For example, my wife got in the CHEZ "Toys For Boys" draw from an on-location event, despite numerous entries from the Sun and those purchased on-line.

@ Typhoon

Thanks for sharing your experience yesterday. With sweetdreams' comments, it's good to hear that at least a few peeps here are enjoying the rewards! As I said some time ago, you are truly a gentleman to keep your ex's interests in mind! Was she kind enough to take you on that trip to Mexico? :-)

Mr. E. said...

@ Mr. Red

Funny thing happened yesterday ... I went on the KISS FM Facebook page and the first face staring back at me was yours! As a KISS friend, are you trying out for the BEP tickets?

On to the real question, does the blogspot give you any indication as to how may peeps are visiting / leeching? The most recent poll had 76 responses but I suspect many more are quietly leeching off the site.

Mr. Red said...

@ Mr. E.

Leeching is a very strong, negative term. This blog was started, like all it's sister blogs to share info such as bonus code and ViP songs with others because "Free Stuff is The Best..."

For a while, not too long ago, it felt like it was just me, Angel, Sweetdreams, Connie, J.P. and a couple of other people on the blog, so I created the weekly poll as a form of trying to determine the number of people reading the blog on at least a weekly basis. I know that more people use the services of the blog on the weekend because more people take the time, or have the opportunity, to answer said poll.

I know that their is a more scientific way to determine the traffic to this blog site, but I have no idea as how to find and/or harness said info...which I'm sure Google keeps in it's many, many servers.

pharmerphil said...

morning all. internet down at home - which still really sucks!
Congrats sweetdreams on winning the Carrie Underwood tickets.

Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel, Sweetdreams, Mr. E., Phil, Critic, Connie & all :-)

8am ViP Song: Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug

Mr. E. said...

@ Mr. Red

Leeching isn't very strong or negative. It's simply peeps taking without (directly) contributing, and it's a fact of life (numerous, successful internet businesses have been built around it, balancing the equation by making peeps "indirectly" contribute with cash). It's also been the norm of the torrent/file "sharing" world for many years.

The polls here show that it is the norm in the bonus code world too! You can't argue with the numbers. I suspect the percentage of contributers to users is actually quite high on this blog compared to the Rogers Radio blog or RadioWall. I've actually met several peeps at different events that knew about and visited RadioWall regularly but never posted there. For kicks, I scrolled back in time one day to view some ancient posts and it was basically you and Angel contributing to this blog a year or so ago, despite numerous other names coming and going along the way.

CHEZ's Facebook also demonstrates this "gimme, gimme, gimme" attitude on an almost daily basis ever since codes have been recently posted there. Many peeps are so damned lazy they won't even scroll down to find a bonus code, and instead almost demand that it be delivered to them. It's the end of an era, I tells ya! And as negative as you want to perceive it! :-)

angel said...

Good Morning Mr. Red, Sweetdreams, Mr. E., Phil, Critic, Typhoon, Connie & all :-)

angel said...

@Mr. E. :-)

I remember a couple of years ago someone on the K-Rock blog was upset because the front page hadn't been updated and he had to waste time scrolling down 8 comments to get 3 bonus codes! (_?_)

critic said...

Noon VIP Song: Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart

Typhoon said...

@ Mr. E.
No, I'm afraid that my ex did not take me to Cancun with her. She took one daughter and paid for another. I forgot to mention that I also got her a 2009 Toys for Boys key. The prizes were won before she was called.

J.P. said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times again: thank you!
Thanks to Mr. Red, Angel, Connie, the list does go on, but thank you for consistanly providing me with what I probably couldn't get on my own. Your perserverance is so incredibly appreicated. Although I have yet to win any big contests, the points I accumulate allow me to purchase the odd prize - and for me, I'm happy I can do that!
So congrats on your hard work, thank you for making it fun, and hopefully the good karma will repay you 10-fold for the plethora of hours you spend helping others!

critic said...

4pm VIP Song: In My Head

tulip said...

I would also like to give my thanks to everybody who consistently enters codes on this blog. I actually won the $30,000 BrookStreet Sleepover last year, definitely mostly due to your help. I am one of those "leechers" who comes on this site and gratefully takes down the codes. I, however, assumed that was the purpose of this site, otherwise this site wouldn't exist.

PitchingIn said...

I'm another "daily" addict of these "point" blogs. Never won nothin' yet, but still hopeful...
One day, soon, I hope...
I try "PitchingIn" now and then, but you guys are just too fast sometimes even for me! Some days all the codes are all posted pretty early in the morning!
I thank you profusely for all your hard work and dedication and I appreciate you very much as well!!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

@ sweetdreams

I know someone who won! YEAH! I thought that we were all posting for no good reason at one point.

@ J.P. , tulip, and Pitchingin

I think I may speak for Mr. Red and Angel (the co-founders of this blog) when I say your welcome.

@ Mr. E

Oh course, people are always going to look at what is posted on a blog that in turn will give you bonus points and codes. It is human nature! Even I have been known to look for those middle of the day songs and bonus codes when I am not able to access the online world at work. I contribute at nights, and on the weekends (sometimes).

Anonymous said...

8 pm VIP Song - Eminem F/ Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

Good night, everyone!