Monday, June 28, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1981 - Terry Fox dies at age 22; one-legged runner of Marathon of Hope loses battle to lung cancer in a Vancouver hospital; started marathon in St. John's, Newfoundland; stopped near Thunder Bay; raised $25 million to fight cancer.

ViP Song:
8:00am: Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston - Eenie Meenie
Noon: Usher F/ - OMG
4:00pm: Taio Cruz - Dynamite
8:00pm: Adam Lambert - If I Had You

Listen To Kiss Fm & Get 250 Points Each Day

New Events:
Storyland (100pts)
EKKO De Brasil (100pts)
Minto Suite Hotel (100pts)
Minto Suite Hotel Bonus Code: Fourdiamond (2500pts)

Word of the Day: Swan
Community of the Day: Jasper

New Events:
Storyland (100pts)
Karters Korner (100pts)
Minto Suite Hotel (100pts)
Minto Suite Hotel Bonus Code: Fourdiamond (2500pts)

Oldies 1310
5 @ 5: NightTime
Secret Word: Coach
Solid Gold Trivia: The Musical- Carousel
Back In The Day Trivia: 38%
Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double: Supremes

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New Event: Storyland (100pts)

101.9 DAWG Fm
Ottawa Sun Secret Password: Throttle


Mr. E. said...

Well, it seems that Mr. Red survived the closing of Puzzles and that I'm still up. That surprise "party" code discovered by Critic must have upset my sleep patterns (haha!). [If you are experiencing deja vu, just check yesterday's blog entries to be sure.]

While it wasn't clear to me how KISS would play out the "What a Girl Wants" contest, I'm surprised that it is going the way of most every other contest they have (i.e., into a "winning weekend"). I'm puzzled as to why they decided to price it at 2000 points per entry when every other "winning weekend" contest entry seems to have priced entries @ 1000 points.

In effect, they are telling you to don't bother buying entries @ 2000 points each since 51 entries will be available for free very shortly.

pharmerphil said...

good morning all - running a littel behind this morning. For those outside of Ottawa, my band is playing on Canada Day in Kemptville and the following Friday night (July 9th) in Osgoode.
Have a hot and humid day (not that you have a choice).

Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel, Mr. E., Phil, Critic, Connie & all :-)

8am ViP Song: Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston - Eenie Meenie

angel said...

Good Morning Mr. Red, Mr. E., Phil, Critic, Typhoon, Connie & all :-)

@Mr. E. :-)

Thanks for clearing up where the entry for the bonus code "party" went!

critic said...

Good Morning Mr. E., Angel, Mr. Red, Connie, Typhoon, pharmerphil, & all.

No Winning Weekend this week as it has been canceled due to Black Eyes and Peas.
They are going to use Facebook to unload "a ton of tickets". It'll be nice to have the weekend off. :)

angel said...

@Critic :-)

Thanks, it will be nice to have a weekend off!

Mr. E. said...

Due to Critic's discovery about the BEP tickets, it looks like my WW comments above may be incorrect (at least for now) but look what I found for you peeps ... 10,000-points' worth of entries!!! (only 500 actual points though)


There should be at least one more for the maid service but I couldn't determine what it would be right away so I gave up (haha!).

I wonder where these codes were or will be published.

Mr. E. said...

Oops! I forgot this one that I just found out about a couple seconds ago:

Mr. E. said...

I come bearing a few more treats:

New Events

Ekko De Brasil
Minto Suite Hotel

Minto Suite Hotel 2500-pt bonus code: FourDiamond

critic said...

Noon VIP Song: Usher F/ - OMG

critic said...

@Mr. E.

I'm thinking these codes are meant to be found in the Sun. Whatever they are, here is another one:

angel said...

4pm VIP song: Taio Cruz - Dynamite

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. E

That extra 1 hour made the difference in me being defined as a B**** or a normal human being. Besides, with all of the people who are Kiss Club VIP's, what are the chances of that last code being the winner? How many draws have you guys won? Me - None.

Mr. E. said...

@ Connie

That bad, eh? :-) Just joking about the last code, of course. I don't know anybody who has won any of these KISS winning weekend contests but I've only been playing since late January. You would think that one of the regulars like Angel or Mr. Red would know someone who did. I'm actually surprised that none of us here has won yet but like you say, it is a sign that there are many (too many!) members.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. E

That bad! Hair and all!

Anonymous said...

8 pm VIP Song - Adam Lambert - If I Had You

Good night, everyone!

Typhoon said...

@ Mr. E.
Actually I know someone who won recently. I kept playing for my wife after we separated and she won a trip to Cancun last December. Weird eh?

Typhoon said...

Another What a Girl Wants Bonus Code: daya