Saturday, March 06, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1617 - Louis Hébert signs agreement to become the first colonist of New France; he is a farmer and apothecary, and will provide herbal medicines to the inhabitants. With his wife, Marie Rollet, and their three children, Guillaume (3 years old), Guillaumette (9 years old), and Anne (14 years old), he left Paris to live in Quebec City. He died there 10 years later because of an injury that occurred when he fell on a patch of ice.

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Typhoon said...

@ Mr. E.

The Chez T4B ones are somewhat predictable as well:

08 t4bsun-1632
09 t4bsun-1692
10 t4bsun-7455
11 not there
12 t4bsun-3868
13 t4bsun-2737
14 t4bsun-7825
15 t4bsun-7233
16 t4bsun-2642
17 t4bsun-4569
18 t4bsun-7300
19 t4bsun-1118
20 t4bsun-2512
21 t4bsun-2605
22 t4bsun-1990
23 t4bsun-9118
24 t4bsun-4822
25 t4bsun-3991
26 t4bsun-0017
27 t4bsun-6029
28 t4bsun-1375
29 t4bsun-3651
30 t4bsun-6664
31 t4bsun-3137

Mr. E. said...

A repeat message but very worthy of repeating!

Hi Typhoon ... Awesome predictions! I'll be keeping an eye on these for sure!

You could probably crack the Sun's "non-online" (i.e. the printed paper) ones too. Here is a recent sampling:

Ottawa Sun Toys For Boys bonus codes ...
Mon 3-01: t4b-7281
Tue 3-02: t4b-1269
Wed 3-03: t4b-9367
Thu 3-04: t4b-2356
Fri 3-05: t4b-0233
Sat 3-06: t4b-8922

Thanks again!