Thursday, March 04, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1868 - Founding of Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Toronto.

ViP Song:
8:00am: Train - Soul Sister
Noon: Owl City - Fireflies
4:00pm: One Republic - All The Right Moves
8:00pm: Pink - I Don't Believe You

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Word of the day: Frog
Community of the day: Lanark

Oldies 1310
5 @ 5: March Birthdays
Secret Word: Huge
Solid Gold Trivia: Beach Boys
Back In The Day Trivia: Dye colour
Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double: Peter Foldy

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Mr. E. said...

Who does backing vocals on Chicago's 1974 hit "Wishing You Were Here" ?
Beach Boys

Too easy!

Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel, Mr. E & all :-)

8am ViP Song: Train - Soul Sister

Mr. E. said...

G'day Mr. Red, Angel and all,

VIP Songs
noon: Owl City - Fireflies
4pm: One Republic - All The Right Moves

Mr. E. said...

Oldies 5@5: March birthdays

angel said...

Good Afternoon Mr. Red, Mr. E. & all :-)

angel said...

8pm VIP song: Pink - I Don't Believe You