Friday, April 14, 2017

On This Day In Canadian History....                                             
1912 - Two young wireless radio operators, Robert Hunston and James Goodwin, hear the first distress call from the luxury liner RMS Titanic, en route to New York south of the Grand Banks. An iceberg has grazed the ship's side, popping iron rivets and shearing off a fatal number of hull plates below the waterline.

* 10:25 pm: According to Hunston's first entry in the log, Goodwin "hears the Titanic calling C.Q.D. (Come Quickly, Danger - the precursor to S.O.S.), giving position."
* 10:35 pm: Titanic calls that they have moved five or six miles and "Have struck iceberg."
* 10:40 pm: They hear Titanic call the nearest ship, the Carpathia, saying "We require immediate assistance."
* 10:58 pm: They hear the terrible news: "Have struck iceberg and sinking."
* 11:36 pm: They hear another ship, the Olympic, asking the Titanic where it is steering; Titanic replies "We are putting women off in boats."

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