Sunday, September 11, 2016

On This Day In Canadian History....  
2001 - Among the 2,997 victims of the terrorists who perpetrated the horror that was 9/11, were 25 Canadians who perished in the attacks, fire and subsequent collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers....

Michael Arczynski (Montreal)      
Garnet Bailey (Lloydminster)
David Barkway (Toronto)
Ken Basnicki (Toronto)
Joseph Collison (Toronto)
Cynthia Connolly (Montreal)
Arron Dack (Toronto)
Frank Doyle (Ste. Adele, QC)
Michael Egan (Winnipeg)
Christine Egan (Winnipeg)
Albert Elmarry (Toronto)
Meredith Ewart (Montreal)
Peter Feidelberg (Montreal)
Alexander Filipov (Regina)
Ralph Gerhardt (Toronto)
Stuart Lee (Toronto)
Mark Ludvigsen (New Brunswick)
Bernard Mascarenhas (Newmarket)
Colin McArthur (Montreal)
Michel Pelletier (Montreal)
Donald Robson (Toronto)
Ruffino Santos (Vancouver)
Vladimir Tomasevic (Toronto)
Chantal Vincelli (Toronto)
Deborah Williams (Montreal) 

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