Friday, April 22, 2016

On This Day In Canadian History....

1915 - 
Second Battle of Ypres - Canadian forces bear the brunt of the first chemical weapons attack of the war. Germans launch an evening artillery bombardment and release a poisonous cloud of olive green chlorine (mustard) gas from 4,000 cylinders in front of their trenches, which a light wind carries across the fields of Flanders towards one Canadian division and two French divisions (one territorial and the other made up of Algerian and Moroccan troops); the burning, blinding effects of the gas causes the Algerians to panic and flee, while German infantry, wearing respirators, move forward and take 2,000 prisoners and 51 guns; many Canadians are gassed, but they defend their positions, wearing only wet gauze patches and urine-soaked rags over their noses and mouths; the attack opens up a 6.5 km gap; but the Canadian 13th Battalion stands firm under heavy shelling, and the Germans fail to exploit their gains.

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