Sunday, February 24, 2013

On This Day In Canadian History....

1905 - Members of the Ottawa Silver Seven, winners of the Stanley Cup, celebrate their victory by booting the cup onto the frozen Rideau Canal; Captain Harry Smith retrieves it unharmed the following day.

Barkbusters Winning Weekend Bonus Codes: 
6am: Sit
7am: Stay
8am: Heel
9am: RollOver
10am: LayDown
11am: ????? (Sandra announced it coming out of a song at appox 11:36am... unintelligible gibberish below the music) 
2pm: Fetch
3pm: Wait
4pm: Come
5pm: Off
6pm: PlayDead
7pm: Bark
8pm: Jump
9pm: Gentle
10pm: Sleep
11pm: Kiss

Extra Bonus Code: Speak (possibly the 11am Bonus Code)

KiSS Listen Live Button (250pts)

Jack Fm 

No Bonus Codes Available Today

Mike Flash! Bonus Code: KeyLargo

CHEZ Listen Live Button (100pts)

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Typhoon said...


6pm Bonus Code: Jack

10pm Bonus Code: Spot

Mr. Red said...

@ Typhoon - As usual, thanks :)

DRicci said...

One of them is bark either the 11, 12 or 1

DRicci said...

Playdead and speak work as well

DRicci said...


DRicci said...

What about 12pm and 1pm?

Typhoon said...

11am Bonus Code: speak

DRicci said...

Typhoon do you have the codes for 12 and 1?

Mr. Red said...

@ DRicci - For whatever reason, KiSS never runs bonus codes during the Hit Storm Countdown.

It may have something to do with it being a syndicated show and thus causing KiSS to have to quantify all available commercial time to airing paid ads.