Sunday, October 14, 2012

On This Day In Canadian History.... 

1966 - Montreal's new Metro subway goes into operation; 26 stations operated by la Société de Transport de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal (STCUM).

 Lady Gaga in Vegas Winning Weekend Bonus Codes:
6am: Chewbacca
7am: Elmo
8am: Shrek
9am: Grover
10am: Animal
11am: Cookie Monster
2pm:  Lockness
3pm: Mutant
4pm: Ogre
5pm: Sea Monster
6pm: Big Foot
7pm: Yeti
8pm: Blob
9pm: Zombies
10pm: Aliens
11pm: Sasquatch

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Betty Anne said...

6pm Bonus Code: Big Foot

Betty Anne said...

7pm Bonus Code: Yeti

Typhoon said...

Other Bonus Codes:

DanceMusic said...

11pm code is: Sasquatch

Typhoon said...

9pm Bonus Code: Zombies