Saturday, July 07, 2012

Ottawa rocks with RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest. Here is Today's schedule....

Main Stage:
7:00pm Alice Cooper
9:30pm Iron Maiden

Claridge Homes Stage:
2:00pm Rory Gardiner
3:15pm Hellbros
4:30pm Sparrows
6:00pm Monster Truck
7:45pm The Bright Light Social Hour

River Stage:
1:30pm The Flats
3:00pm Autumn's Canon
4:30pm Toronzo Cannon
6:00pm Lynn Drury
8:00pm Marcia Ball

Electro Stage:
2:00pm Matt Dorgan Project
3:30pm Philly Moves
5:00pm DJ Illo
6:30pm Nobody Beats the Drum
8:00pm Mustard Pimp

Black Sheep Stage:
1:00pm The City Harmonic
2:30pm Quebec Celebration Gospel Choir
4:00pm Building 429
5:45pm Scott Towaij
9:00pm Downhere

Barney Danson Theatre:
1:00pm "She's the One" Sarah Hiltz
1:30pm "She's the One" Molly Thomason
2:00pm "She's the One" Breagh Mackinnon
2:45pm "She's the One" Chloe Charles
3:15pm "She's the One" Carmen Townsend
3:45pm "She's the One" Miss Emily
4:15pm She's The One
5:45pm David Maxwell’s Maximum Blues feat. Darrell Nulisch
7:00pm Just For Laughs presents: The Nasty Show w/ Ari Shaffir and Paula Bel
9:00pm Just For Laughs presents: The Nasty Show w/ Ari Shaffir and Paula Bel

JLO in TO Winning Weekend Bonus Codes:
6am: Britney Spears
7am: Avril Lavigne
8am: Kylie Minogue
9am: Adele
10am: Madonna
11am: Christina Aguilera
Noon: Lady Gaga
1pm: Katy Perry
2pm: Taylor Swift
3pm: Salt n Peppa
4pm: Cindy Lauper
5pm: Jewel
6pm: Destinys Child
7pm: Spice Girls
8pm: Robyn
9pm: Lights

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Mike Flash! Bonus Code: IcedTea

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Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Critic, Angel, Pnnknn, Phil, Mr. E., J.P., Pitchingin, Sweetdreams, Connie, Typhoon, Betty Anne, Summer and all :-)


Mike Flash! Bonus Code: IcedTea

Mr. Red said...

6am Bonus Code: Britney Spears

Mr. Red said...

7am Bonus Code: Avril Lavigne

Mr. Red said...

8am Bonus Code: Kylie Minogue

Mr. Red said...

9am Bonus Code: Adele

Mr. Red said...

10am Bonus Code: Madonna

Mr. Red said...

11am Bonus Code: Christina Aguilera

Mr. Red said...

Noon Bonus Code: Lady Gaga

DanceMusic said...

Code correction: Salt n peppa

sweetdreams said...

Code correction: Cindy Lauper

Typhoon said...

5pm Bonus Code: Jewel

6pm Bonus Code: Destinys Child