Friday, February 11, 2011

On This Day In Canadian History....

1869 - Patrick James Whelan hanged in a snowstorm before a crowd of 5,000 people for the murder of Thomas D'Arcy McGee; denies he did it; second last public execution in Canada

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8am: Katy Perry - Firework
Noon: Enrique Iglesias - I Like It
4pm: B.o.B - Nothing On You
8pm: Katy Perry - Firework

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J.P. said...

Have a great Friday everyone!

Really...this whole banning Carrie Underwood thing is a little silly. But think, now people (we among them) are talking about Kiss FM. Good publicity don't you think?

pharmerphil said...

Hurray its Friday. TGIF and have a great weekend folks!

critic said...

Good morning Angel, Mr. Red, pharmerphil, Betty Anne, Sarah, Pnnknn, Pitchingin, Typhoon,, J.P. Connie, DeVil, tulip, Melmuff, Mr. E., sweetdreams, reggae and everyone.

Mr. Red said...

Happy TGIF Sarah, Pnnknn, Critic, Phil, Mr. E., J.P., Pitchingin, Sweetdreams, Connie, Typhoon, Betty Ann, and all :-)


Insider of the Day: David Hyde

Guaranteed Daily High: -7 degrees

critic said...

Jack FM

Community Of The Day: Dunrobin
Word Of The Day: Click

Mr. Red said...

Does anyone have a copy of yesterday's Ottawa Sun?

I forgot to grab a copy and get the Get Smart Word of the Day :(

Betty Anne said...

8am VIP Song:Katy Perry - Firework

Betty Anne said...

Ottawa Sun:

Friday - 24hr Newspaper/KiSS Fm:

(on page 16 - not working yet)

MelMuff said...

In other big news, has anyone heard Lady Gaga's new hit "Born This Way"? I luv it. It sounds super awesome.

Pnnknn said...

@ J.P. - You're right!

Also after talking with Gail yesterday, and I may have mentioned this yesterday, KISS really doesn't play all that much of Carrie Underwood's music anyway. Just the initial drama of it all made me think it seemed silly.

@ Melmuff - Yes, I heard the new Lady Gaga song however it reminds me of one of Madonna's songs. I meant to call into the station however I didn't have the information to back it up so I didn't.

Betty Anne said...

Noon VIP Song: Enrique Iglesias - I Like It

Anonymous said...

you guys are RIDICULOUS. won't ever be listening to your childish station...

Pnnknn said...

@ Anonymous - And what station do you listen to? Please don't say HOT 89.9? Talk about childish! I think the listeners of HOT get dumber and dumber everyday. They have stupid mindless games like 'Pick C' and their DJ's are airheads. Although, I'm not a huge fan of Jenny from KISS.

Jethro said...

Hey don't bother -- they hide behind their "Anonymous" User-ID and say stupid remarks -- quite the Coward in my book !!

Pnnknn said...

@ Jethro - Ah yes, good point.

critic said...

4pm VIP Song: B.o.B - Nothing On You

critic said...

8pm VIP Song: Katy Perry - Firework