Thursday, October 21, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1926 - While performing in Montreal, famed magician and escape artist Harry Houdini invites a McGill student to punch him hard in the stomach. The young man complies before Houdini has a chance to brace himself, and the blow leads to his death ten days later from internal bleeding, on Halloween

ViP Song:
8am: OneRepublic - Secrets
Noon: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
4pm: Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
8pm: Usher F/Pitbull - DJ Got Us Falling In Love

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5am: Alejandro
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8pm: Alejandro
11pm: Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

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pharmerphil said...

Good morning folks and hoping y'all have a great day.

critic said...

Good morning Angel, Mr. Red, pharmerphil, Pnnknn, Betty Anne, Sarah, Melmuff, Mr. E., Pitchingin, Connie, DeVil, tulip, sweetdreams, reggae, J.P., Typhoon and everyone.

Lady Gaga Pair-a-Day Giveaway 5am Song : Alejandro

Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel, DeVil, Critic, Phil, Mr. E., J.P., Pitchingin, Stephanie, Sweetdreams, Connie, Typhoon, Betty Ann, and all :-)

8am ViP Song: OneRepublic - Secrets

critic said...

Lady Gaga Pair-a-Day Giveaway 7am Song : Paparazzi

Mr. E. said...

Good morning peeps

Ottawa Sun Get Smart Car word: Road

Betty Anne said...

Good morning!

Pnnknn said...

Good Morning Angel, Mr. Red, Phil, Critic, Mr. E., Betty Anne and all :)

I'm sleepy today. Last night I had a late frisbee game and tonight I have another late game.

Mr. E. said...

@ Pnnknn -- you might have to wear winter clothes tonight. It's supppsed to get down to 2 or 3 degrees this evening. Be prepared and practice catching a frisbee with mittens on.

Pnnknn said...

@ Mr. E. - Thank you for your concern :) I will definitely need to dress warmer than usual and in the fall I always wear (bike) gloves, they help with throwing, catching and keeping my hands warm.

Sarah said...

Good Morning everyone!

Haunted Walk bonus code: Eugene

Betty Anne said...

Noon VIP Song: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

critic said...

Lady Gaga Pair-a-Day Giveaway 12pm Song : LoveGame

Mr. E. said...

Hmmm ... the Chatelaine event disappeared into thin air!

Pnnknn said...

@ Mr. E - I guess the event was very very short lived.

Pnnknn said...

3pm Lady Gaga song: Poker Face

critic said...

4pm VIP Song:
Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart

Mr. E. said...

@ Pnnknn -- that's for sure! When they launched it, they made it sound like it would be going on for several weeks, n'est-ce pas? I suspect somebody screwed up (again!).

The promo-person job seems to be a rather boring one for some of those involved (I've been to many promo events so I speak from observational experience). Rogers radio staff make so many ongoing errors that it is clear that there is no pride of "workmanship" in what some of their staff are doing. I say "some" because I've also seen a few that are exemplary employees. The quality and commitment is very uneven.

pharmerphil said...

8pm VIP song: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

critic said...

Lady Gaga Pair-a-Day Giveaway 8pm Song : Alejandro

J.P. said...

Lady Gaga Pair-a-Day Giveaway 11pm Song: Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)