Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1958 - United States and Canada formally established the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD) to coordinate continental defence; headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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pharmerphil said...

Happy Hump Day folks - the long weekend is not that far off now. Hope you have a good day.

Mr. Red said...

Good morning Angel (I hope your brother-in-law is doing better), Phil, Mr. E. (I hop you got everything off your chest with your Y101 rant), Connie & all :-)

8am ViP Song: Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me

angel said...

Good Morning Mr. Red, Phil, Mr. E., Connie & all :-)

My brother-in-law is going to be ok. He'll have to start exercising, eating better and working less hours. He's very lucky to be alive, he got to the hospital just in time. Along with the heart attack he also had a blood clot which they gave him medication for and saved his life!

angel said...

@Helping_Sis :-)

Just read your post from last night. Thanks for the well wishes!

Mr. E. said...

Good afternoon all

@ Mr. Red, I'm better now. ;-)

@ Angel - that's great news!

12pm VIP song: Ke$ha - TiK ToK

J.P. said...

@Angel - Boy is THAT great to hear! Breathing a SIGH of relief. :)

Mr. E. said...

Early-bird bonus code: Orianthi

angel said...

Early Bird Winning Weekend bonus code: Orianthi

Mr. E. said...

4pm VIP song: Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway

Anonymous said...

8 VIP Song - Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body

Mr. E. said...
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