Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On This Day In Canadian History....

1806 - Marie-Anne Gaboury marries Jean-Baptiste Lagimodière in St-Boniface Manitoba; the first white woman to live in Western Canada, Gaboury is Louis Riel's grandmother.

ViP Song:
8:00am: Orianthi - According To You
Noon: David Guetta F/Kid Cudi - memories
4:00pm: Pink - Funhouse
8:00pm: Leona Lewis - I Will Be

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Word of the day: Rotate
Community of the day: Oxford Mills

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5 @ 5: When?
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Back In The Day Trivia: Poor Man's Butter
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pharmerphil said...

good morning folks

pharmerphil said...

Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest Winning Weekend Early Bird Bonus Code: Announcement

Connie said...

Good morning pharmerphil and all others!

Mr. E. said...

Good morning Phil, Connie, & all :)

8am VIP song : Orianthi - According to You

Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel, Pharmerphil, Connie, et al (yes, him too)

8am ViP Song: Orianthi - According To You

Mr. E. said...

Tickets for Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest 2010 go on pre-sale on April 21, 2010 at 12 noon. Please try back at that time with your promo code (any of the following): CHEZ , COUNTRY , KISS , OLDIES , or JACK

Mr. Red said...

I’m soooooo stoked at the thought of seeing bands like Rush, Santana, B-52s, Moody Blues, Roger Hodgson, etc…..for FREE! Yes Peeps I said…err…typed “for FREE!”. For those of you who are unaware, last year I discovered a quiet little secret about Bluesfest, with the exception of the merchants (Joes Fish ‘n Chips, Tony’s Suvlaki, or Sammy’s Schwarma), EVERYONE who works @ Bluesfest from security to cleaning, to the Beer Tent to Talent Hospitality to the Wireless Cafe to every job under the direct authority of the Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest organizing committe are ALL VOLUNTEERS!!! When you volunteer you get 1 food voucher for every 4hrs of work and a day pass for that day. When you sign up to do a minimum of six 4hr shifts you get an unlimited pass to see any show on any day. I highly recommend the Beer Tent as you are covered in case of rain and most Beer Tents are either beside or near a stage or stages, so you can hear the music while you work. I know PharmerPhil is interested in this and I will let you all know when I get the e-mail, which should come in a couple of weeks, calling for returning volunteers to re-sign up for this year. They get first crack at the jobs and then they open ‘em up to the general public

angel said...

Good Morning Mr. Red, Pharmerphil, Connie, Mr. E. & all :-)

Mr. E. said...

12pm VIP song: David Guetta F/ Kid Cudi - Memories

@ Mr. Red, alert us here in the Kiss codes blog first about possible volunteer opportunities at Bluesfest!

J.P. said...

8am VIP song: Pink - Funhouse

Anonymous said...

8:00 am vip song:Leona Lewis - I Will Be