Saturday, August 29, 2009

On This Day In Canadian History....

1883 - Thomas Ahearn, head of the Ottawa Street Railway Company, presides over a demonstration of his pioneering electric stove at the Windsor Hotel in Ottawa. This is believed to be the world's very first dinner cooked on an all-electric stove.


Snow Patrol Week
12am: Take Back The City
10am: Crack The Shutters
6pm: Take Back the City
9pm: Shut your Eyes


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Mr. Red said...

Good Afternoon Angel & all :-)

12am Snow Patrol Song: Take Back The City

10am Snow Patrol Song: Crack The Shutters

angel said...

Good Afternoon Mr. Red & all :-)

maxxxx said...

6pm Snow Patrol song: Take Back the CIty

dare978devil said...

9pm Snow Patrol Song: Shut your Eyes