Monday, July 20, 2009

On This Day In Canadian History....

1871 - British Columbia Act comes into effect, making BC the sixth province to enter Confederation; George-Etienne Cartier promises rail link start within two years, completion within ten years; Canadian government takes over telegraph lines in the province, including the Collins Overland Stage Line.

ViP Song:
8am: Daughtry - No Surprise
Noon: Coldplay - Viva La Vida
4pm: All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
8pm: 3 Doors Down - Let Me Be Myself

Nickelback Week:
8am: Gotta Be Somebody
12pm: If Everyone Cared
4pm: If Today Was Your Last Day
9pm: If Today Was Your Last Day

New Event:
Ottawa Museum Network (100pts)
Bonus Codes:
Working (1200pts)
1000 (1200pts)

Word of the Day: Card
Community of the Day: Donaldville

Oldies 1310
5 @ 5: The Moon
Secret Word: Digit
Garlic King's Elvis Trivia: Tom Jones
Brother Bob's Looney Toon: 37
Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double: Simon & Garfunkel

Virgin Radio 106.9
7:50am - Awesome
11:50am - Over
5:50pm - TheWorks
8:50pm - Delicious


Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel & all :-)

8am ViP Song: Daughtry - No Surprise

Mr. Red said...

Courtesy of the RogersRadio Blog....

DeVil said...

Good Morning Everyone

It's KISS Nickelback Week

8am hour song ~ Gotta Be Somebody

angel said...

Good Morning Mr. Red & all :-)

angel said...

12pm VIP song: Coldplay - Viva La Vida

angel said...

12pm Nickelback song: If Everyone Cared

Typhoon said...

New Event: Ottawa Museum Network (100 points)

Bonus Words: working, 1000 (1,250 points each)

angel said...

4pm VIP song: All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell

angel said...

4pm Nickelback song: If Today Was Your Last Day

angel said...

8pm VIP song: 3 Doors Down - Let Me Be Myself

dare978devil said...

9PM Nickelback song is NOT rockstar, guess something else...

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

helping_Sis said...

New Events
Carnivale Lune Bleue (100pts)
Agri Sports All Star Weekend (100pts)
Carleton Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning (100pts)