Sunday, June 07, 2009

On This Day In Canadian History....

1909 - Toronto born actress Mary Pickford makes her motion picture debut in The Violin Maker of Cremona.

Chicago:The Musical Winning Weekend Bonus Codes:

6am: Choreograph
7am: Dallas
8am: Testify
9am: RSVP
10am: Agent
11am: Loop
Noon: Criminal
1pm: Police
2pm: Arrested
3pm: Velma
4pm: Justice
5pm: Truth
6pm: Class
7pm: Roxie
8pm: Razzle
9pm: Dazzle
10pm: Fame
11pm: Crime


Oldies 1310

Virgin Radio 106.9


Mr. Red said...

Good Morning Angel & all :-)

6am Bonus Code: Choreograph

Mr. Red said...

7am Bonus Code: Dallas

Mr. Red said...

8am Bonus Code: Testify

angel said...

Good Morning Mr.Red & all :-)

9am bonus code: RSVP

angel said...

10am bonus code: Agent

angel said...

11am bonus code: Loop

Typhoon said...

Some other codes: roxie, velma, criminal, justice, police, truth, arrested, fame, razzle, dazzle, class and crime. I think that makes 18 and you can relax and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Typhoon said...

Especially you Angel and Mr. Red, you could use a rest. Thanks for all your help.

Mr. Red said...

@ Angel

I'm glad you understood MiSS Marble Mouth, I couldn't tell if she said "Loot" or "Loop"

@ Typhoon

Thank You :-)

angel said...

@Mr.Red :-)


@Typhoon :-)


Little Erky Perky said...

12 pm kiss code: criminal

Little Erky Perky said...

5 pm kiss code: truth

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