Monday, April 27, 2009

On This Day In Canadian History....

1831 - Steamship Royal William launched at Quebec City; first Canadian vessel to cross the Atlantic entirely under steam power. She took 25 days and carried seven passengers

ViP Song:
8am: The Killers - Human
Noon: Corrine Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
4pm: The Killers - Human
8pm: Coldplay - Lovers In Japan

KiSS Club Question: Are you confident in Canada's approach to the Mexican outbreak of swine flu?

Word of the Day: Orleans
Community of the Day: Juice

Oldies 1310
Secret Word: Coat
Garlic King's Elvis Trivia: Tom Jones
Brother Bob's Looney Toon: The "bird" is the word
Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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Mr. Red said...

Good morning Angel & all

@ Angel

Gotta leave early this am, ran over one too many potholes this spring, thus I gotta bring my car in for a new CV joint and stop a leak in the Power Steering module. $$$$

angel said...

Good Morning Mr.Red & all :-)


That sucks!

angel said...

8am VIP song: The Killers - Human

Little Erky Perky said...

Noon song: Corrine Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

Little Erky Perky said...

kiss fm:
4 pm Song: The Killers - Human

angel said...

8pm VIP song: Coldplay - Lovers In Japan